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Chloe Adams, age 26 
"Before I started KSFL I had no energy, no motivation and kept on fluctuating with my weight and was not able to maintain. I felt my confidence had completely gone. 
I worried if I would be able to stick to it and if I would be able to fit it in with work as my shifts constantly change. 
Between then and now I decided enough was enough and I would stick to it at least for the 28 days as I had nothing to lose. Whats 28 days out of your life? 
I was amazed how much I had tone up. How much energy I had. Also how the foods iI had craved were no longer interesting me. My skins clearer and I feel so much more healthier overall. 
I feel over the moon. My confidence is back, I feel like me again. I have continued to stick to KSFL. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6 in my uniform at work (although they come up bigger) and I have bought my first pair of size 10 trousers since I cant remember! I cant thank Kim and Rachel enough. Really has changed my life and has made me feel happy the truth about diet and exercise. 
Jenny Bond, age 46 
Before starting Ksfl I had got out of the habit of cooking n would just grab Weetabix or shredded wheat at least 3 for breakfast. Then I would eat sweet things n would even miss meals n have bags of sweets instead 
The fears I had was the group would be massive n it wouldn't be very welcome. Thought there would be clicks of friends like you have at slimming clubs. 
I made the choice to join and the group was so friendly and everyone spoke to each other and shared things. I have now started cooking from scratch and remember that I love cooking different meals. 
I have lost 1st 2lb so far I know it's not about the weight on scales but you still like to see that move :-) I have lost inches and can see toning up. 
I feel fantastic. I so glad I'm getting healthy and I actually love exercise in the mornings. Breaking old habits and cooking like I did years ago when kids were at home. 
I love looking through cook books on a Sunday n planning my week's menu even though on a Friday I do sometimes have a takeaway but I normally have tikka pieces with salad. 
I've met great people on my journey who have inspired me and helped keep me motivated. But most of all Kim you have been a rock a great motivation and made me remember to put myself first as I am important. 
Thank you xx 
Joanne Hawkins 
I'd had my first child and got stuck in a rut of convenience foods, skipping meals, snacking on rubbish when I had spare time and using the excuse of just having a baby for my weight not shifting. I got to a stage where I needed to go from a size 14 to a 16 (before I had Bella I was a 12 bottom 10 top) and knew something had to change and I couldn't keep making excuses so I went to the KSFL launch and never looked back. 
I was worried I wouldn't be able to stick to it and find it hard. I didn't want to fail and was worried if this wouldn't help me I'd be stuck with this bigger me that I really wasn't happy with. I had to prove to myself and my husband that I could get back to how I was, he thought it would just be a fad! 
With a holiday booked 12 weeks from the start I went all in and did the detox 100% no cheating, no alcohol, the only thing I didn't stick to was the exercise each day as I struggled to find the time or didn't make the time! The weight and more importantly inches began dropping off and I found with good preparation the meals were really nice and we looked forward to them each meal time (hubby too!!). I've found I can introduce foods back into my diet and control what I'm eating as well as being able to eat out and go out and enjoy myself with the knowledge that I can still stick to my new way of life and not go off track. (Or get straight back on if I do!) 
I've now managed to increase my exercise and found my fitness and energy levels increased. I've increased my Water intake and having good nights sleep and I'm still seeing results 6 months in. 
I always said I'd be happy to get back to my size 12 as my bum would never be a 10 again! But KSFL and above all my coach Kim has done me proud and I'm in size 10 jeans! my bridesmaid dress for May has been swapped from the 14 to the 10 and still needs a little tweaking!! Overall I've lost 44.5 cms (17inches!) 
I feel more energetic, comfortable in my clothes and skin again. My confidence has returned and I have a much more positive outlook on life. 
I'm relieved I took the step to start KSFL as it's changed my whole mindset and lifestyle for the better 
Simone Thomas 
Before KSFL I had tried faddy diets that left me feeling even more miserable than when I had started but knowing that I was possibly entering into the change was also struggling with mood swings and stress that being at that time of life brings with it. 
I knew that I had to do something but I was worried that this would be just like all the other diets that I had tried previously. 
Since starting the programme, I have been completely blown away at just how different KSFL is and how it has made me look at various elements of my life like my sleep and how food types and how sugars affect my mood and energy levels and that the exercise and mindfulness has a real positive effect. 
I am so much calmer now and feel that I am on an even keel and ready to take on anything as I have so much more energy now. 
Not only have I noticed the changes but so have all those around me. My family and work colleagues especially have commented on the nicer person that I have become. 
Carole Ryder 
I will begin by saying I really thought it was an age thing with my weight gain I was thinking this is me how I will be looking for now on because every diet I tried was a chore with no results 
I thought I have nothing to lose by trying ksfl was another diet fad but Kim's enthusiasm made me want to try it. 
I began with the 28 day detox and began to see changes in my body like seeing ribs that I hadn't seen for years which inspired me to carry on with the programme 
Carole Ryder 
OMG my results are just amazing I have lost 1st 4lbs 25 inches around body but more than anything I love my new body I have so much more self confidence and shopping for clothes now is a real buzz where previously it was depressing 
KSFL has taught me to understand what is important what goes into your body. I keep away from processed food at all accounts and cook with good oils ( coconut oil or organic butter) and cook like grandma used to from scratch. It must work because so pleased with my results xxx 
Tammi Steadman, age 39 
2017 is a big year for me I am getting married and shortly after turn 40. I didn't think my diet was particularly bad but I wanted to make sure that I was in the best possible shape. 
My biggest fears starting KSFL were that I wouldn't be able to stick to it, I would have to cut out foods or not like the foods that you should eat. 
KSFL isn't like any diet I have tried before. I was surprised at how much it focuses on your health and well-being as well as your diet. There is so much support available from Kim and the rest of the members it has made it really easy to make the changes and stick to them. 
I have lost inches all over but most pleased that I have lost some from my hips which I didn't think was possible! I'm so pleased about my hips I have booked to try my wedding dress again in two weeks. 
I feel brilliant. I have more energy, I eat better and I love cooking from scratch. KSFL is a lifestyle change, you don't feel like you are dieting because there is so much that you can eat. I took the scenic route and I have had "bad" days but the support you receive and the info you learn along the journey means that you don't beat yourself up tomorrow is a new day. 
UPDATE!!! My nightmare about my wedding dress!! 
I tried on 18 different dresses and this dress was the last one which I fell in love with it. They took my measurements and said I needed the next size up as it's easier to take a dress in than let one out. 
A week later got a call they had discontinued my dress so they suggested I had the sample dress. They spoke to the seamstress and they said it could be taken out a little to fit me. 
6 weeks on KSFL!! 
I am ecstatic!! My dress fits me perfectly she said it must have been a sign that it got discontinued as I would have needed a lot of alterations!! Thank you thank you I so love my dress couldn't have imagined choosing another one. 
Liz Williams, age 64 
I felt my health and fitness levels deteriorate as the impact of my caring responsibilities increased, mainly through comfort eating and low motivation myself. At 64yrs knew if I carried on would soon be on the medication. I started going to Clubbercise where I met Kim who explained about the KSFL programmes she does. 
There were doubts whether I could make the effort to detox worried about feeling tired and HIIT workouts that could lead to an injury. Yet nothing was changing trying to do it on my own. So, to reach my goal to be as fit and healthy I could be by my 65th birthday I enrolled. 
Well, all my doubts were unfounded. With Kim’s support care and encouragement, including her knowledge how the body functions and what can have a negative impact, plus the group support, sharing experiences and meal ideas I have reached my goals. My fitness and energy levels are good, along with my self-esteem. In terms of weight loss, I am 1 stone 2lb lighter and lost 18 inches, now a better body shape and healthier. 
I enjoy exercise including HIIT so prioritize them into my time and ensure I plan my meals, plus some me time. Clean eating is the way forward no more reaching for the indigestion tablets and the food more appetizing that satisfies you longer. 
Within eight weeks I feel like a new woman on a new journey. Thanks Kim. 
Hayley Price 
I wasn't exercising at all before I started with Kim and I was eating a lot of convincing food like ready meals etc. 
I had worried about going to classes, keeping up and not being able to maintain the programme 
Since starting KSFL I've been exercising regularly and cooking for myself not eating ready made food. 
I'm sleeping loads better I have more energy than I ever had. 
I'm over the moon, I've struggled with my sleeping for years now but with the help of this programme I've managed to start getting a decent nights sleep, also I have found I have a lot more energy and people are commenting on how well I'm looking. I've struggled with depression for the past 3 years and I can now start to feel my mood change and I'm not so low anymore :-) x 
Mechelle Day 
Before I started ksfl i was tired all the time drained achy and just wanted to sleep!  
I have Ehlers danlos syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome! I just felt ill all the time.  
My fears about starting ksfl were that it would be too hard to do and that I would over do things and cause myself to relapse and be worse than before.  
Between then and now I have been able to keep up with the morning work outs even if they are at an easier slower pace, the food ideas have kept me full and not like I'm starving myself, by following ksfl I've managed to up my energy levels feel better in myself and not feel so ill as often!  
I have lost a total of 1st 3 lbs and 15 inches all over. I feel I don't get tired of easy I'm sleeping better of a night and I have more energy for things with the kids!  
I have also been able to cut down and even come off a lot of medication x 
Nicole Sheehan  
I have been at slimming world for 2 years and lost almost 2 stone but it had all slowed down and I was stuck in a bit of a dip. Work is very stressful as I manage a school for serverally autistic children. Chocolate was my best friend most days and my will power to turn chocolate down was very low. 
My only concerns about starting the detox were cutting out carbs and fruit. Fruit especially was my back up if I didn't have the chance to eat lunch as I can eat it on the move. 
The first week of the detox was difficult but I have just stopped buying the fruit I would grab for lunch, I am mixing up my veg more so I don't get bored of the same thing. 
Im into my 3rd week of the detox and I no longer crave apples, I find it easier now to organise my meals to enable myself to eat yummy veg packed meals. 
I have only lost a few lb's but I have lost 8 inches from different places over the past 2 weeks :-) 
Even people I work with every day have seen a difference in my body shape! 
I feel more confident in strappy summer tops, and I am starting to sleep better. 
Kathrine Atkinson 
Before I started Ksfl I hardly ever had breakfast, I used to snack on chocolate( at least 2 chocolates a day) crisps as well have 2 main meals, my main meals were healthy but nothing to how I've eaten since started Ksfl. 
My fears and worries about starting this were can I be full on what I can eat? Can I live without having sweet things and how bad will the cravings be? And the biggest one was trying new foods, but I started positive and thought I'll try different foods and if I don't like it least then I can say I've tried it. 
First 2 days of starting was hard, but I got in my head where I want to be and it's a journey I'm so glad I've taken, I've tried so many different fish (not all good :-) I don't like fishy fish) but I wouldn't know if I liked them if I didn't try it so I'm glad I did, all the different meals I've had that I would never have had before starting this, I've had 1 day of really bad cravings for chocolate but I push my way through it.. 
I've lost 11lb I know it's not all about the weight, I've lost inches around my stomach which was my main goal, 
I can honestly say I feel amazing I still have odd day where I feel a bit drained in the mornings but as soon as I have the green smoothie I get a massive Burst of energy I'm set for the day, I love exercising in the morning and I don't think that will ever stop now it kick starts my day, and the eating hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be I really like what I eat now and all the green veg, even both my kids have got involved throughout and they love exercising in the morning and they sometimes have the food I'm having they have loved it as much as I have :-).. there is no going back now only forward.. 
I couldn't have done it with out Kim she has been amazing so supportive and made me look at the future and even tho there may be obstacles your way sometimes it's how you get over them and carry on that matters, xx 
Ann Grimmitt  
Before KSFL I felt I was slipping back into old eating habits 
I was worried I wasn't going to like the food in the Detox programme and was worried about how I had to cook it all. 
However, I've always been a yo-yo dieter needed to kick that habit so needed a different approach. 
My main goal is to fit comfortably back into my size 12 jeans and feel more confident in myself. 
I'm onto my third week and I'm feeling really good, I'm exercising more and I'm back doing two 2 clubbercise classes a week (when I feel up to it with my knee) I now have lot's more energy, my complexion is glowing, and I'm really enjoying the cooking from scratch ... And all the family are enjoying the meals to eating so I'm all round happy x 
Nassrin Jivraj 
For me, it's been now over 8 weeks that I am eating healthy and doing workouts. For me, it was for losing my jelly belly and toning my body. It was hard, very hard as I had to change my diet. But yes motivation and determination I am proud to say that I did it. I have lost little belly and still have some to lose. My confidence is back, I have started to feel good and most importantly my mood is amazing. Happier and smiling :D I can see a difference and eating healthy is part of my life now. Thank you, Kim, for ur guidance, support and to make me feel better about myself. And yes I am def in to meet up for a green juice ;-) 
Auriel Ado  
Hi Kim, many thanks for all your support you have given us over the past few weeks. Your devotion and passion to help us achieve our goals are phenomenal, and that is quite motivating. It is great to know we can remain here on this platform as a group and continue to use the resources, motivate each other and share ideas. 
Thank you so much. :-) 
Thanks, Kim. Over the 8 week period, I didn't lose much in terms of weight- about 7 1bs but I lost inches - a total of about 10.5 inches all over! Unbelievable! I now need new bras and clothes feel much looser! I know I still have a long way to go to achieve my goals. This is just the beginning. I have left but haven't reached yet. #feeling highly motivated. 
Nicola Doherty 
I've been working with Kim for the past couple of months. She has a range of fun, motivating classes and programmes, sound nutritional advice, and highly successful results! Kim is so inspirational and motivating, and makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease. Kim comes highly recommended by me! 
Sue McGachi, age 43 
"Before I started KSFL I hated myself. I’ve never been twiggy but I had put 3 stone on in 12 months. It was like my body had just exploded overnight and no matter what I did my weight just wouldn’t shift. I had given up and through well this is me now and plodded on unhappy in myself…I felt like I’d let myself down being that much heavier. 
I had so many conversations in my head about doing the detox…I talked myself into it then back out of it soooo many times. I just thought I was going to fail again like I had with every other attempt to regain control of my weight. I knew I had to do something radical with my lifestyle and I had been following Rachel Holmes on Facebook for a while so just decided to try something different. 
Once I joined up I was still sceptical and in my head I thought I was beyond help. Then one of the other members of the detox posted saying what have I got to lose other than fat and that really stuck with me. I just thought give it your best shot and if it doesn’t work, you’ve tried. And that’s what I’ve been doing since then….Giving it my BEST shot. 
My results in 2weeks….YEP just two weeks were 12.4lb and 16 inches lost all over!! 
I feel so much better for it and I feel empowered that I have taken control back and I’m back in charge of my body. I have several non-scale victories in those two weeks too which have made a tad proud of myself. 
I also feel grateful to Kim as without her support and encouragement I may have given up by now….not forgetting the support off the other VIP members too. 
I have a long way to go yet to get where I want to be but I truly believe I can do it this time!! #ThisGirlCan " 
Desiree Thompson, Age 53 
"Before I started KSFL, my life was boring and I felt like giving up in many ways, been through so much pain and heartache with my job and life it's self, I was eating so much cakes and biscuits and generally no really looking after my self , I tried by eating veg most nights for my tea, but it was all the rubbish I eat, I felt like a fat ugly middle aged woman that nobody fancied or wanted, I started to think there was something wrong with me, so I just kept eating rubbish food 
Wasn't to sure if I had any fears about the KSFL28 day detox, was a bit worried if I can do this and keep it going, by just eating vegetables and salad greens. 
I've had some good days and bad days, from starting the 28 day detox has shown me with sensible eating, you can loose body fat, I'm amazed how many inches I have lost and weight in just 2 weeks, I feel so much better now than I did a few weeks ago. 
The results I have now is amazing, I have a smaller waist for one, which is something I always used to have, my clothes fit a lot better now, even a size 12 , forgot how many years it's been since I was that size, I'm loving how I look more radiant, my skin is so much better. 
I feel that changing my eating habits, has given me a new lease of life, I know I look more heather, then I did before, I feel good about myself now, this 28 day detox has changed me for the better, I will continue to eat more heather food, with a little cheat now and again. 
I'm so glad I did this, and I thank you Kim for your inspiration if not for you setting this up, I would still feel crap about myself, I would recommend anyone to try this, feeling very happy " 
Kerry Carr 
"I had a back injury few months back so I hadn't exercised in a couple of months. I'm also a BIG chocoholic too. 
My fear of starting the detox was not being able to do the workouts as I was worried about restarting exercise in case of re-injury. Plus I've tried other diets in past but can never stick to them. 
Since starting the detox programme I've now be able to slowly build up my fitness and I've had no chocolate for two weeks. My goal is to lose a dress size and I am 7in less on the way to it. 
Im now into my 3rd week and Im feeling fab when I get up every morning. I've a lot more energy. 
Hubby and my girls all enjoying the meals so happy meal times too and inches and pounds are being lost. WIN WIN WIN!! XX". 
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