Glow hard with Clubbercise 
The HIIT 30 Workout 
Are you unhappy with your body shape? LEARN MORE 
It’s time for a change
Uncover the truth about diet and exercise LEARN MORE 
It’s time for a change. 
It’s time to uncover the truth about diet and exercise. 


Do you need a KICK START to get your fitness and nutrition back on track? 
Are you a lapsed KSFL’er or one of my former clients and need guidance and protocol to get your going again? 
Not local or to busy to attend classes? 
A new 14 day Kick Start Protocol including carb cycling, IF’ing all in one 14 day plan. 
14 brand new home workouts – Including Tabata, Accumulator, Hong Kong Workout, Super Stability, EMOTM and MORE 
All delivered quickly and easily in a Facebook and Whats App group 
14 new instructional videos 
Usual Price £27 Buy NOW for £17 
Enjoy your weekend knowing we will be ready to help you take back control. 
Kick Start is not a faddy diet plan, its a clean and nutritious diet plan devised and created by Rachel Holmes, International Fitness Educator and Presenter – beware of copycat plans delivered by unqualified individuals. 
Join me on my NEXT 14 day Kick Start Sprinter Online programme 
Next programme starts Monday 4th September 
Buy NOW for £17 (usually £27) 
Kick Start Fat Loss is a revolutionary new programme consisting of an initial detox diet plan, weekly club workout and daily online support. Drop a dress size or more, Burn body fat, shape up and slim down, there is no calorie counting, daily points, faddy foods or complicated workouts. 
KSFL consists of a clean, easy to follow diet and detox plan, eliminating addictive processed food, detoxifying the body enabling you to burn more fat, have tons more energy, become slimmer, leaner and mentally on top of your game. 
At KSFL we educate you on THE very latest weight loss & nutrition research, arming you with the information you need to get long lasting results.  

Client Testimonials 

"I've lost 11lb I know it's not all about the weight, I've lost inches around my stomach which was my main goal" 

Kathrine Atkinson 
Before I started KSFL I hardly ever had breakfast, I used to snack on chocolate( at least 2 chocolates a day) crisps as well have 2 main meals, my main meals were healthy but nothing to how I've eaten since started Ksfl. 
My fears and worries about starting this were can I be full on what I can eat? Can I live without having sweet things and how bad will the cravings be? And the biggest one was trying new foods, but I started positive and thought I'll try different foods and if I don't like it least then I can say I've tried it. 
First 2 days of starting was hard, but I got in my head where I want to be and it's a journey I'm so glad I've taken, I've tried so many different fish (not all good

"I have only lost a few lb's but I have lost 8 inches from different places over the past 2 weeks." 

Nicole Sheehan 
I have been at slimming world for 2 years and lost almost 2 stone but it had all slowed down and I was stuck in a bit of a dip. Work is very stressful as I manage a school for severely autistic children. Chocolate was my best friend most days and my will power to turn chocolate down was very low. 
My only concerns about starting the detox were cutting out carbs and fruit. Fruit especially was my back up if I didn't have a chance to eat lunch as I can eat it on the move. 
The first week of the detox was difficult but I have just stopped buying the fruit I would grab for lunch, I am mixing up my veg more so I don't get bored of the same thing. 
I'm into my 3rd week of the detox and I no longer crave apples, I find it easier now to organise my meals to enable myself to eat yummy veg packed meals. 
I have only lost a few lb's but I have lost 8 inches from different places over the past 2 weeks. 
Even people I work with every day have seen a difference in my body shape! 
I feel more confident in strappy summer tops, and I am starting to sleep better. 
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